Here is a parish-parish list of holy wells featured on the site. The list is in alphabetical order parish-by-parish. The parish type we are using is civil rather than ecclesiastical or church parish. Civil parishes are seen as administrative units of the State. The Record of Monuments and Places (R.M.P.) number is denoted for each well. The R.M.P. number is the unique reference number accorded each archaeological monument by the National Monuments Service.

St Colman’s, Oughtmama.

1. Toberpatrick, Rosalia CL003-02101-
2. Tobarsheela, Abbey West CL 003-02904-

3.  [Glencolmcille South] Glencolmcille South CL010-03701-
4. Tobermacduagh, Keelhilla CL006-02305-
5. Tobercronan, Termon CL010-02105-
6. Tobermacreagh, Carran CL009-076-
7. Tobernafiaghanta, Termon CL010-02601-
8. Tober Na Glasha, Knockans Upper CL010-06443-

9. Tobernacrohaneeve, Gleninagh North CL002-00702-

Tobernacrohaneeve, Gleninagh North, Gleninagh.

10. St Coleman’s Well, Glensleade CL005-127-
11. Toberinneenboy, Glensleade CL005-126-
12. Tobar Derg, Eanty More CL009-05308-
13. Tobarnanaingeal, Kilcorney CL009-02901-

14. Tobercolman, Cahermackerilla CL009-00601-

15. Tobar Chaimín, Caherminnaun CL009-05910-
16. Toberdane, Kilfenora CL016-01509-
17. Toberfaughtna, Kilfenora CL016-01510-

Tobar Chaimín, Caherminnaun, Kilfenora.

18. St Brendan’s, Gowlaun CL008-046-
19. Toberlonaun,  Derrynavahagh CL005-009-
20.  Tobermoon, Kilmoon West CL008-04903-

21. Toberineenboy, Commons South CL017-02701- (Curtis)
22. Tobervoydan Commons South CL017-060-
23. Bullán Phádraig, Poulnalour CL010-00105
24. Toberineenboy, Ballard CL017-047-
25. Tobar Iníon Baoith, Commons South CL017-197 (Maher)
26. [Leamaneh North] holy well, Leamaneh North CL016-03204-
27. Toberadubh, Caherfadda CL016-041-

Tobar Iníon Baoith, Commons South, Killinaboy.

28. [Ballyelly], Ballyelly CL004-01620
29. Formoyle West Holy Well, Formoyle West CL005-00502-

30. Tobermoghua, Noughaval CL009-05926-

31. Tobercolman, Oughtmama CL003-03501-

32. An Spa, Lishylisheen
33. Tobergahard, Gragan East CL005-093-
34. St John’s Well, Poulacapple CL005-01406-
35. [Gleninsheen] Holy Well, Gleninsheen CL005-137-